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Journal Archaeological Method & Theory 16/ 3

Journal of Archaeological Method
and Theory
16/ 3 2009

Special Issue:
The Materiality of Representation

The Materiality of Representation: A Preface  pp.157-161
Stratos Nanoglou

People of Stone: Stelae, Personhood, and Society in Prehistoric Europe  pp.162-183
John Robb

Animal Bodies and Ontological Discourse in the Greek Neolithic  pp.184-204
Stratos Nanoglou

Articulate Bodies: Forms and Figures at Çatalhöyük   pp.205-230
Carolyn Nakamura, Lynn Meskell

Material Matters: Representation and Materiality of the Harappan Body  pp.231-261
Sharri R. Clark

Tropes, Materiality, and Ritual Embodiment of African Iron Smelting Furnaces as Human  pp. 262-282
Peter R. Schmidt

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